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Certainly, the boundaries that are set for a relationship vary from relationship to relationship and sometimes day to day. Maybe you both want to enjoy some intimate, sexual times together. Sexting with someone else is cheating if you are in a committed, monogamous relationship. So maybe the person you are connected to is far away (see my situation above).

As long as we only look at humans the differences are clear: males have chromosomes XY, produce sperm and don't get pregnant.

Every year, hundreds of Georgia children, some as young as 9, are lured to run away, or they’re brainwashed. “People in the rural areas they say, ‘It doesn’t happen here.’ (But) it happens any place you got the internet. Or they make an acquaintance in the chat rooms, and they get picked up,” she said.

And it happens wherever you have a lot of potential buyers passing through, she said. So, the Buford Republican wrote the legislation that is putting a question in front of all Georgia voters this fall: Should strip clubs and people convicted of sex trafficking-related charges pay into a fund to help children who have been sexually exploited?

and utters in a clipped, controlled voice, with only a raised eyebrow to indicate flirtation: "Won't you come in?

I don't bite, you know...unless it's called for."The moment from five decades ago has been voted the best chat-up line in movie history.

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