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Jon, the contact person was personable, professional, accomodating and gave us good advice as well. We nearly forgot that we weren’t their only client!

They were flexible and accomodating with our party timeline and allowed us to give input on the set lists and break music. They put on an incredible show, play an amazing range of music (and play it well) and they know how to make a bride and groom feel special.

Details of Justin Bieber's tour rider have seemingly been leaked online by an Indian music journalist, who shared the extravagant demands the star is reportedly requesting for his 120-strong entourage The rider also details that 'books on chakras and yoga asanas will be placed in Bieber's suite knowing his love for yoga'.

The Baby hitmaker's list of demands are also reported to include such essentials as a ping pong table, 12 white handkerchiefs and hydrating lip balm. Hp MJHJM— Arjun S Ravi (@arjun_s_ravi) May 3, 2017 Yoga fan: The 23-year-old singer requires a Jacuzzi to 'unwind' before hitting the stage, as well as a special Indian yoga casket complete with essential oils and incense sticks for complete relaxation His special requests - which he will have paid for himself - also reportedly include white crew-neck T-shirts, tank tops and socks in every dressing room.

For example, in 2006 a French subsidiary of a US company was given a hefty fine for delivering certain highly technical documents and software interfaces to its employees in the English language only, and this was upheld by the appellate court.

Another broad provision of the law is that it makes it mandatory for commercial advertisements and public announcements to be given in French.

The Toubon Law (full name: law 94-665 of 4 August 1994 relating to usage of the French language) is a law of the French government mandating the use of the French language in official government publications, in all advertisements, in all workplaces, in commercial contracts, in some other commercial communication contexts, in all government-financed schools, and some other contexts.

The law does not concern private, non-commercial communications, such as non-commercial web publications by private bodies.

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Bieber’s Purpose world tour has so far raked in $200 million and is scheduled to stop at 122 cities around the world.