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For about a year, I wrote a column called “Now Kiss,” set up NYU students on blind dates, and called them afterward.

I set up my ex-boyfriend with another girl for a story for xo Jane.

Get yourself an app who knows you’re worth more, and the people using it do, too.Hannah Orenstein: I grew up in Boston, and there’s this amazing magazine that comes out every Sunday with The Boston Globe and there’s a column called “Dinner with Cupid.” Every week two people are set up on a blind date.Afterward, they're interviewed and their interviews are published.He told me he would pick up food, drinks, even a picnic blanket.I was pleasantly taken aback that he was going out of his way to do all that for someone he really didn't know at all -- it was 2014, not 1957. you might not always instantly know whether the spark is there right away, but you do know if the spark is, like, the absolute literal opposite of there right away.

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